We pioneer and apply advanced research methodologies to help our clients solve some of the toughest business problems, detecting new growth markets, and enabling transformations in product development, organizational behavior and corporate strategy.

Humans can talk about their choices, desires, preferences and future actions all day. What they can’t do is understand and communicate why. Because individuals often cannot conceptualize and explain what economic and psychological factors drives their behavior, we invent and apply behavioral-economic research tools that allow people to reveal the true basis of their behavior.

Our proprietary research services and measuring tools are based on disciplines in phenomenology, hermeneutics, decision theory and system theory, delivering easy integrable, measurable, validated, precise, bias-free and 100% human-driven insights.

As result, we are able to evaluate precisely what drives preference and purchase, helping our clients to create and maintain sustainable value and growth, and reduce the risk on their financial investments.

Our Proprietary Products


The next generation of market research — the “Why Machine”

By combining psychology, sociology and behavioral economics, MINDGUIDE® allows consumers to tell us why they chose what they chose — creating an algorithm into the mind.

MINDGUIDE® is an unbiased, consumer-generated research technique identifying...

MindGuide Elements

Decision Elements

Identifies cognitive, social, environmental and economic influencers

MindGuide Map

Decision Blueprint

Provides a clear mental map as to why and how decisions are made

MindGuide Audience

Decision Mind-sets

Types people by similar decision processes — not traditional demographics or psychographics

It provides a single solution with multiple applications to create a competitive advantage for our clients.

An all inclusive research solution combining deep data and big data providing a clear, holistic and multi-dimentional view of purchase decision dynamics.

Brand Embrace

Your brand’s DNA distilled into one number

Everything you need to know in one number.

Brand equity is a combination of the multiple facets of a brand experience. BrandEmbrace® takes into account what these experiences are and how they add up to produce a loyal and engaged customer.

Ultimately the BrandEmbrace Index® identifies and quantifies the strength of the brand.

BrandEmbrace Index®

The BrandEmbrace Index® indicates a person’s cumulative experiences with a brand. By identifying all elements that play a role in brand engagement — cognitive, social, environmental and economic — we help our clients’ overall operations become more efficient, more effective and more profitable.

Brandembrace Chart Graphic

Ultimately, BrandEmbrace® helps brands identify their customers’ true needs across all touch points, how those needs are satisfied and how brands need to continue to develop the relationship to create and maintain stronger brand loyalty.

Brandembrace incons