We are decision scientists serving the next generation of change makers. 


We are the only lab in the world that can honestly say that we redefine the way our clients look, identify and understand their customers. It’s no longer about B2B or B2C, it is about H2H. Through unparalleled proprietary technologies and predictive behavioral economic models, we not only create transformative growth for our clients, but also a new way of creating true human-to-human conversation.

We know that current market research techniques can tell you a whole lot about your customer, but not truly why people buy or value your product or brand. That's why we have set out to rethink and redesign the entire research process, creating techniques and tools to help you better understand how people really think, what really matters to them, and why they value your brand over the competition.





Christian Goy
Co-founder, Managing Director


Tim Gohmann, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Chief Science Officer


Ron Mundy
Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer


Associates & Staff

Scott McAfee

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Melanie Oltmann

Director of Operations

Nina Laudon

 Applied Epistemologist


Doug Mailat

Business Development Manager

Stewart Roach

Business Development Manager

Cindy McKelvey

Director of Accounting


Jessica Cox

Content Editor


What some of our clients are saying ...

The Lab helped us connect with the desires of our current and potential new customers to make sure our product offering is aligned to their needs.
— Heather Lowe (NetSpend)