Tomorrow's thinking.

Act today, like you know tomorrow using BrandEmbrace. 


BrandEmbrace® is the most leading-edge behavioral economics research tool that will provide actionable insights to put your products or services in the optimal position NOT to fail.


We call it the WHY machine:  

DEMYSTIFY what psychological and economic factors turns a potential consumer into a buyer.

UNCOVER satisfied consumers who should be targeted for repeat business, a bigger share of their purchases or even brand ambassadorship.

PREDICT which dissatisfied consumers can be converted and which ones will never be happy, no matter how much of your marketing budget you throw at them.

DEVELOP products and services that will be adopted in the market knowing beforehand the Utility Expectation of your customers.


Innovative by Design. 


How BrandEmbrace® is applied and used: 

SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION BrandEmbrace® explains why there are “gaps” in the market by identifying buyers for whom existing products either do not meet their Utility Expectation or for whom existing products perform poorly.  It does this by optimizing the client’s product or service on the basis of the drivers of Utility.

PREDICTABLE MARKET SHARE INCREASE BrandEmbrace® provides clear direction to reposition brands to either increase repurchase loyalty or to conquest from competitors, or both. It does this by optimizing the positioning against the drivers of Utility.

ACCURATE FORECASTING — BrandEmbrace® provides more accurate estimates in future share and volume change by including the underlying basis of brand switching and loyalty based on the extent to which a buyers Utility Expectations are being satisfied.


Applicable to any industry around the globe.


Compare BrandEmbrace® to Other “Utility” Assessment Techniques: