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How Donald Trump Won The Election: A Behavioral Economics Explanation

While the media focused on Donald Trump’s denigration of women, war heroes, Latinos and Muslims, Trump was building not just support but commitment from his core target — working-class, non-college–educated white males — to get out and vote. What was juvenile and embarrassing to the intellectual was the “silver bullet” that gave Trump believability, causing his core target to identify with him.

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Turning Luxury Shoppers into Luxury Buyers

A new report from the Boston Consulting Group suggests that global luxury goods and services will continue to grow at around 7 percent annually — handily outpacing the GDP of many countries. However, with both size and growth, competition has become fierce with usually lower-priced e-commerce growing at three or four times the total market rate. How do marketers keep this massive market expanding and, more importantly, how do marketers turn affluent shoppers into buyers?

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