Designed with humans in mind. 


People's minds are super complex. Why would you trust traditional consumer research techniques if they can't tell you what drives your customers' utility expectation?


Valid. Precise. Highly Predictive. 


MINDGUIDE®  provides a clear, valid and reproducible view of how purchase decisions are made.



BrandEmbrace® provides a measurable index of the degree a brand or company is satisfying customers’ requirements in building demand and preference.



Why our products? 


The average adult makes roughly 35,000 decisions each day. And though people can talk about their choices, desires, preferences and future actions all day; they often can’t understand and articulate why. Because individuals often cannot conceptualize and explain what economic and psychological factors drive their behavior, we invented and applied behavioral-economic research tools that allow people to reveal the true basis of their behavior.

Since the amount of decisions made each day varies significantly between individual people, our proprietary research services and measuring tools are based on disciplines in phenomenology, hermeneutics, decision theory and system theory to deliver individual utility expectations that are personalized, easy integrable, measurable, validated, precise, bias-free and 100% human-driven insights.

As result, we are able to evaluate precisely what drives preference and purchase, helping our clients to create and maintain sustainable value and growth, while reducing the risk of their financial investments.


Actionable and Measurable  

DEMYSTIFY what psychological and economic factors turns a potential consumer into a buyer.

UNCOVER satisfied consumers who should be targeted for repeat business, a bigger share of their purchases or even brand ambassadorship.

PREDICT which dissatisfied consumers can be converted and which ones will never be happy, no matter how much of your marketing budget you throw at them.

DEVELOP products and services that will be adopted in the market knowing beforehand the Utility Expectation of your customers.